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1) To have knowledge of quantitative and qualitative economic methods in order to understand and solve current economic and social problems.

2) To be able to synthesize the knowledge and experience gained in the educational process, private life and business life, and the information necessary for himself and the society.

3) To be able to solve complex problems and develop solutions by using analytical and critical thinking skills within the framework of the knowledge gained in the field.

4) To be able to produce projects and take initiatives related to the field, and to take the responsibility required by teamwork.

5) To be able to manage and plan human and time in the projects to be established or in the institution to be established.

6) To have a command of a second foreign language that will help in the continuation of professional and personal development after university.

7) To be able to use information and communication technologies thanks to the applied training in the field.

8) To be able to determine their own learning needs and direct advanced learning thanks to their critical and analytical thinking ability.

9) To have the experience of writing newspapers, magazines, academic articles and making presentations in mediums such as sessions, panels and conferences.

10) To be able to follow professional knowledge and changes using a foreign language and to share them with colleagues and other stakeholders.

11) To have the experience and ability to organize activities that can meet the needs of the society by acting with social responsibility and awareness.

12) To be in academic, professional, regional and global networks related to their subject and to have the ability to use these networks effectively.

13) To associate the accumulated knowledge with the cultural and historical structure of the society and the world and to convey it to different layers.