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The Department of Economics aims to place itself among the top-tier members of economics / business schools in the European region. At the same time, within the framework of industry cooperation, it aims to be recognized as a leader in a global brand and major information fields. In this context, the inclusive educational objectives of the department accept the successful decision makers of the future to approach the world with curiosity and self-confidence as a starting point. In the future that the world evolves, artificial intelligence, robots and machines can be cognitively superior to these decision makers. However, the department of economics acknowledges being a human as a education goal by basing on that self-skill of people is being a human. A successful decision-maker in the future will be the one who is able to maximize the potential for humanity. Our department has adopted various inclusive objectives to achieve this.

Facts are the basis of critical and analytical thinking. From this point of view, the department of economics aims to educate individuals who can take decisions with information based on facts and distinguish various information. In order to become successful leaders / decision makers in the future, it is important to interact with people from different cultures, experiences and business fields. Since individuals, who can empathize, can be a better leader and decision-maker, it is aimed that students of economics department can evaluate the perspectives of others. It is aimed that the students of economics department will look at the world with an enterprising and creative approach and strive to develop the society and the world, which they live, by creating change.